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Schwinn Windwood Women's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

Schwinn Windwood Women's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)This single speed cruiser bicycle comes with a comfortable spring saddle and a ... The Schwinn Windwood 26 inch Women's Comfort Bicycle has alloy rims, I Love this bike, it is beautiful. I finally learned to ride a bike this year. At the bike class the instructor told me to select a 26 inch bike. There were two other bikes at my house that was not suitable for me, but my family insisted that I should be able to ride two different mountain bikes. for a new beginner this is perfect and by the way, receive many, many complements with my bike. Women love it. Finally, I have shown my family I could ride a bike.

The round paper in the spokes claims this bike comes with "Free Assembly." But the FedEx guy who dropped it off at my house wasn't about to help me, so I guess that only applies if you buy the bike at Target or Toys R Us. But putting it together is fairly simple once you manage to get all the packaging undone.

Was not hard to assemble with an extra pair of hands. I love this bike! So easy, like the ones when i was a kid. I use this bike with a child carrier, and it is perfect. Nice wide cushy seat for the bum, allows you to sit up straight and leisurely ride, not hunkered over the handlebars. If you just want to cruise, this is the bike! Wide tires - even tho it's from China now, it still seems a quality, heavy-duty bike.

Got this bike for my daughter who is 13. She absolutely loves it!!! Very smooth ride, comfortable and every time we go out she gets tons of compliments for the look. Despite not having any gears she is able to go uphills with ease. Great value

I wanted a cute bike that was easy to ride on the boardwalk down at the beach. It was easy to assemble, I did it myself in about 45 minutes. It works great, I got an adorable wicker basket and bell. I get tons of compliments on it. I did a lot of shopping around and you really can't get this style/quality of bike for much less. I have recommended this bike to my friends and they love it, too.

So far I like this bike, it is very good looking (i have black-white with pink), very comfortable and looks like quality bike. i have only biked for about 10 days, but so far so good!

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